Cheyenne Elementary PTO
47600 Heydenreich
Macomb, MI 48044
Sunny Days 
and Bright Futures!
These links offer info on the many rewarding programs Cheyenne participates in. Visit these websites for updates and details on how to support your school through these companies. Feel free to contact the PTO if you have questions! 

Cheyenne  Bunny Hop is almost here! 

Forms for this event have gone home. You can use the PaySchools link below to order your admissions online! 

Cheyenne PTO PaySchools Link

This link will get you to all of the things PTO is offering via PaySchools! 

Hope you see you there!

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Bunny Hop 4/13/2017
Spring O 4/21/2017
Movie Night 6/9/2017

PTO Meeting 5/18/2017